Press on nails Pro Glue

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BEST OPTION for press-on nails, re-use your Joyee nails multiple times with PressOnPro Glue and UV Lamp!

This nail glue is so strong, they will keep your PRESS-ON-NAILS on for up to three weeks, does not damage natural nails& press-on-nails.
Each can contains: PressOnPro Glue (12ml)
PressOnPro Glue is perfect for you if: You want your nails to last just as long as acrylics!

Key Features

✔ Solid State: No sticky hands, easy to use.
✔ Strong Adhesion: Secures press-on nails firmly.
✔ Gentle: Does not damage natural nails.
✔ Peel-Off Removal: Allows for repeated use of press-on nails.
✔ Simple & Neat: No need to worry about nail edges being pushed.
✔ Must be used with UV lamp; does not air dry.
✔ Fills Gaps: Comfortable wear for various nail curvatures.
✔ Nails stay in place, allowing for free adjustment of position.

Tips:Joyee PressOnPro Glue needs to be cured under UV/LED lamp dryer for 60s-120s. (Cannot air dry)

How to Apply

  1. Wash hands and dry. Push back cuticles using the cuticle stick, buff nail surfaces and wipe off excess oils and dust with alcohol pads.
  2. Apply a moderate amount of solid glue to press-on-nails, Spread the solid glue evenly within the press-on nails.
  3. Attach press-on-nails to natural nails, adjust position, remove excess solid glue.
  4. Dry under UV lamp for 60-120s (Nude or semi-transparent press-on nails require drying for 60s, while solid color or heavily accessorized press-on nails require drying for 90-120s.)