Press on nails GLUE

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This nail glue is so strong, they will keep your PRESS-ON-NAILS on for up to three weeks!
Each tube contains: Nail glue (7g)
Nail Glue is perfect for you if You want your nails to last just as long as acrylics!

Key Features:

✔ Easier and more precise application of glue
✔ Larger capacity, can be used longer
✔ Easy to carry and store

How to Apply

Wash hands and dry. Push back cuticles using the cuticle stick, buff nail surfaces and wipe off excess oils and dust with alcohol pads.
Apply an even layer of glue to natural nails and back of Press-on-nails nails.
Align Press-on-nails nails with cuticle line and apply at a downward, 45 degree angle. Press down firmly and hold for 10-20 seconds
Apply all 10 nails.
To extend wear, avoid washing hands for 1 hour after application.