Carefree Paper-Ruler

Save 45%
  • Length 60cm, Eco-friendly UV standard printing, bendable and markable.
  •  If you are a first time buyer of our nail set, we will give you a paper ruler for free!
  • How to use:
    Bend the paper-ruler, measure at the widest point of the nail surface, make sure the paper-ruler is flat and without gaps when measuring, flatten the ends of the paper-ruler, make sure the ruler won't slide, and mark the width of the nail with a signing pen, and record the corresponding number to complete the measurement.
  • If you can't make sure the paper-ruler slides during the measurement, resulting in one side of the ruler being misaligned, you can use a sticker tabs to fix one side of the paper ruler to the table or your finger, so that you can easily confirm the accurate size.