Outdoor Solar Fan Hat

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Color : Forest





Hands-Free Convenience

✅ Wearable design frees your hands for activities like fishing, hiking, and gardening.

✅ Lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring no discomfort even after long hours of wear.

✅ Easy to carry around without feeling burdened or tired.

Effective Sun Protection

✅ Wide 12cm brim shields your face from harmful UV rays.

✅ Made with 85% polyester for effective sun blocking and breathability.

✅ Keeps your head cool and protected during outdoor activities.

Dual Power Options

✅ Solar-powered fans recharge automatically under sunlight, providing endless cooling.

✅ USB charging option ensures you can power up the fans even on cloudy days.

✅ Built-in 800 mAh batteries offer up to 16 hours of cooling, covering a full day of activities.

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