Gravity Defying Kinetic Desk Toy

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🌀 Experience the Mesmerizing Power of Stack-Fish: The Mind-Bending Desk Sculpture! 🌀

Spin and witness mind-bending optical illusion of levitating globe trapped inside a flowing helix. Can your eyes trick your mind?

🌌the mesmerizing kinetic desk toy🌌

Complex metallic shape designed to twist your mind with gravity-defying optical illusion. Spin it and witness the magic in front of your eyes.

✨A seemingly levitating sphere trapped inside a continuously flowing helix. 

We've been designing desk toys for the past 7 years, distributing them to over 50,000 backers across the globe. Yet, the reactions sparked by Stack-Fish have been unprecedented in our experience.

😲the ''wow'' factor

Stack-Fish sparks curiosity, raises questions, and lets your imagination fly.

💫The most frequently received questions are "HOW!?" or ''WHAT IS THE SECRET?'' and the speculations have been imaginative: from "Invisible Strings," "Magnets," to "Electronic Wizardry," "Levitation Magic," and more! 😄

❓but really how?

A good magician never reveals his secrets! We will leave this aspect for you to fully uncover upon receiving Stack-Fish. 

💡What we can share, however, is that Stack-Fish contains no magnetic or electric components. It's entirely a mechanical device, and its illusion is achieved through a distinctive, meticulously crafted shape paired with kinetic motion.

🚀why should I own Stack-Fish?

The main answer is simple - place Stack-Fish on your desk and you will have the coolest space in your office. Plus you will own the power of setting your mind in focus mode anytime you spin it. 

🎁But of course, there are more reasons to own Stack-Fish, and below is our full list:

✨Stack-Fish is a unique gift and a true icebreaker when it comes to starting a new conversationSpin Stack-Fish in front of someone and let their curiosity lead them.

🔄Boost your focus and elevate your space

Ever felt tired from the digital gadgets and overwhelmed by screens at your workspace? Take a break and let your mind fly into another dimension.

🌀Place Stack-Fish on your desk or shelf and it will showcase itself as a beautiful sculpture. A kinetic design piece that can be brought to life with a simple twist. Keep focus, relieve stress, or simply play around anytime you like.

But don't just take our word for it- see what our previous backers say about our products

✨explore kinetic motion

Spin Stack-Fish and it will turn into a dynamic sculpture that changes its patterns along with direction and speed of rotation.  

🌟Explore how precisely engineered still shape turns into a hypnotic optical illusion.

😲Different speed ensures different effect

Luna is a multi-shape object so you will see different optical effects depending on the distance, angles, and speed of rotation. Take a look at the comparison between the rotation speeds below. 

🎁the complexity of Stack-Fish(or how it's made)

Stack-Fishis no doubt our most complex desk toy so far. To achieve such a unique visual appearance it required months of prototyping and experimenting with different kinds of shapes and materials. The manufacturing process requires dedication and true precision but it is well worth it.  Stack-Fish is CNC machined out of the highest quality metals and consists of 8 different parts precisely assembled together. 

With our CNC machines, we are able to achieve such a level of precision that is rarely found in regular everyday objects. You’ll instantly notice minutely milled lines and smooth surface texture upon touching Stack-Fish for the first time! 

The body of Stack-Fish is machined out of aerospace-grade aluminum which is anodized to achieve the beautiful colors and to add better scratch resistance. The spheres are machined out of Stainless Steel, mirror polished and PVD coated to get the stunning colors.

Also, you will be able to get additional mirror spheres to mix and match all the possible colors. Those will be available after the project ends as well.

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