Blank Clear Nail Sizing kit- Almond, Coffin, Stiletto, Oval, Square, Squoval, Long nail, Short nail

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Shape & Length : Extra Short Almond
If you're not sure if your measurements are accurate or you're just too lazy to measure, then that's okay, we have a good solution❤

🎁 [Curiosity Bonus]
We encourage your every attempt, you officially purchase our nail set after confirming your size, you can leave us a note when you place your order and we will refund you the cost of your blank sizing kits purchase this time, which is $3.99 (please note that refund is limited to one set only)

📏 [Nails to Size]
Keep in mind that each different shape comes with its own sizes so they do not all fit the same. I recommend purchasing the same shape that you have the sizing kit for.
*These are only for my store

⭕️ [Kit Quantity]
The blank nail kit shown in the picture is a complete set of 24pcs-30pcs, the quantity varies for different shapes, what you receive is the full quantity of your chosen shape and length, eg. Short Almond-30pcs.